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Huddle: Sex With Sporty Queers

Huddle: Sexy With Sporty Queers (Volume 1 Boys Varsity)

Huddle-book_coverMy short story “Game Set Match” is included in this bangin’ anthology published by Go Deeper Press  about a misunderstood boy stalking the sexy captain of the tennis team at a small religious college. Voyeurism and exhibitionism volley back and forth to a climactic finish. Published on August 5, 2013, you can get your hands on a copy by clicking HERE.

On 2/20/14, Lana Fox, editor at Go Deeper Press, posted the following:

So, did we ever tell you what the amazing Kevin Killian told Angela Taveres about her hot collection, Huddle: Sex with Sporty Queers? He said (*clears throat*) “I enjoyed it thoroughly!” Thoroughly, I tell you! Kevin Killian, reading your praise made our jock straps kind of sweaty. Speaking of perspiration, Huddle, if you haven’t heard, is a collection of erotic stories by Dario Dalla Lasta, Benjii Bright, Tamsin Flowers, Theophillia St. Claire, and Christopher Stoddard. In this don’t-show-your-grandma-unless-she’s-into-it tome, the sports field gets sweaty, the cloakrooms even sweatier, and the boy-on-boy bodies, well, they’re the sweatiest yet. I’m proud of Angela’s collection, and the stories by these bold and bitchin’ authors, because they’re not afraid to enjoy sex to the full–and feel it honestly and hotly on the page. Wanna see some of Dario Lasta’s story, “Game Set Match”? Click here.

Huddle: Sex With Sporty Queers (Volume 1: Boys Varsity) is M/M erotica with a smart and sexy punch. It features five stories about ripped, young quarterbacks vying for the starting position; a loud-mouthed tennis player with an ass you could bounce coins off of; two, young runners in the woods enjoying the most unexpected break; a popular jock who experiments with his sexuality only when the door is closed; and a hot-shot pitcher looking for a way to relax before facing his long-time rivals. Huddle’s erotic literature will hit you hard with tough-guy swagger and fake you out with fan-boy obsession. Think you can hang?

On 8/2/13, my publisher posted Five Reasons Why You’ll Want Huddle including this nod to my story:

“And it starts off strong, with ‘Game Set Match’ by Dario Dalla Lasta. My God, I will never forget Trace Petrucco and his bright Pumas or Jeremy King and his Italian-sausage-sized cock. These two characters are so alive on the page, I swear I could smell them (Jeremy especially, since he’s the sweaty tennis player, who, you know, sort of reminded me of Pete Sampras). Or maybe it was the smell of locker rooms? For what it’s worth, I imagine Trace to smell like Creamsicles: fruity. Anyway, Dario made me love both these guys in completely different ways and for completely different reasons. This takes masterful talent, I swear it.”

This five star review from Amazon mentions my story:

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Here is another good review from Buzz on Vibes which specifically singles out my story:
“Ah, yes. unrequited love… It’s a common theme because we’ve all been there and had a crush on somebody totally unattainable. In “Game, Set, Match” the main character, the only openly gay student at a conservative college, has the hots for the star tennis player. His longing finally gets some release after an encounter in the locker room, and the tennis hero’s attitude shifts from homophobic to curious.”

Check out my AUTHOR STATS AND FACTS from Go Deeper Press!

Go Deeper Press also had this to say about the anthology as well:

“I haven’t been this excited about a queer anthology since Discontents: New Queer Writers, which was published in 1991 and edited by Dennis Cooper. Remember that one? Anyway, I don’t remember Discontents being stories exclusively about boys and men desiring, obsessing, and/or wanting to fuck other men—athletic men, usually big, butch, and burly men—and that’s what Huddle: Sex With Sporty Queers (Vol 1. Boys Varsity) is all about. But I do remember how striking and unforgettable each and every voice was in this Cooper anthology, and I’m proud to say that Huddle’s got tons of that. It’s amazing and likely features some of your favorite authors, or writers who will soon become some your favorite authors: Dario Dalla Lasta, Benji Bright, Theophilia St. Claire, Tamsin Flowers, and Christopher Stoddard.”

Tennis_jockThe perfect companion song for “Game Set Match”?
“He Whipped My Ass in Tennis (Then I Fucked His Ass in Bed)” by Pansy Division!
Here they are performing the song at the Houston Pride Festival in the summer of 2005:



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