Dario Dalla Lasta

The Three Red Lines

The Three Red Lines published by Lulu.com 2009

Three_Red_Lines-front_cover-8-19-09As some things do, The Three Red Lines starts with a dream.

But not just any dream – a dream that has haunted Jordan Jameson, a gay tattoo artist in his 30s who lives in New York City, since his childhood. A dream of a hallway with yellowed wallpaper, a dingy carpet, and three horrific red lines on the wall – blood.

There’s sex, there’s drugs, there’s Bauhaus.

This completely raw, contemporary take on New Yorkers goes far beyond a mere titillating look at today’s gritty sexual lifestyles. In addition, The Three Red Lines flirts with the mystical realm of the subconscious and climaxes (literally and figuratively) in a shared dream that ends up coming to vivid life in a Brooklyn brownstone one fateful night.

The journey that all four characters take is life-altering, avowedly sexual, hair-raising, sometimes funny, occasionally creepy and, best of all, uplifting.
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What people are saying about The Three Red Lines:

“Dario Dalla Lasta’s debut novel is nothing if not arresting. The Three Red Lines is well-written but also has a relaxed feel to the prose that makes you feel like someone from New York’s underground is verbally imparting the story to you. I wasn’t able to put it down. And the sex? Oh my God. I was afraid somebody was going to read this beyond-dirty stuff over my shoulder in the subway. If they had, they’d have seen my huge erection. Geez. A scary-but-fun jaunt with perfectly less-than-perfect characters. Thumbs up.”
– Dan Paul Roberts (aka Candi Shell from the band She-Dick)

Apparently, the best way to describe my book is “dark,” “gritty,” and “intriguing.” To back that up, here are some perfectly descriptive comments from readers on www.authonomy.com:

“…dark and gritty and also intriguing.”
-Kathryn Page

“You’re a talented author with an intriguing storyline.”
-Anne Wright

“Love the dark, gritty edge to it.”
-Johnny Red Pants

“It’s contemporary. It’s relevant. It’s well written.”
-Mark R. Trost

“Underground, gritty and graphic. Very well written and engrossing.”
-Paul Heatley

“Suspenseful wizardry.”
-Tyler Adams

“Grabs the reader and doesn’t let go. Very fierce.”
-Barbara Silkstone

“Your book is fierce and funny and original!”
-D. Braverman

“Powerful writing, powerful subject.”
-John Booth

“The storyline keeps the reader on the edge of their seat!”
-Amanda Patterson

“This is magic-realism, this is surrealism-realism mixed together. Creepy, definitely; disturbing, in parts; and honest, achingly so. The death-sex thing, the oldest of Freudian impulses is explored here, articulated here, given new life here. I love your writing, it exudes energy, realism, and confidence but isn’t cocky, and you always keep your eye on the narrative ball. It really flies across the page.”
-Andrew W.

A snippet from The Three Red Lines also appears in the following anthology:

Best_of_Panic-book_coverFeatured on the CUNY-TV Emmy Award-winning show “Nueva York” and covered by the New York Daily News, PANIC! (downtown New York’s most irreverent fiction and poetry reading series) was born in June 2008 at the infamous Nowhere bar on East 14th Street in New York’s East Village. Pushing back against the gentrification that has ravaged downtown New York’s underground scene, this reading series—the creation of writer/literary activist Charlie Vázquez—has succeeded where other series haven’t: by uniting diverse writers of different disciplines (spoken word, fiction, traditional poetry, and performance art) under the umbrella of a monthly theme.

Destacado en la serie “Nueva York” de CUNY-TV (ganador de un Premio Emmy) y cubierto por el New York Daily News, PÁNICO!, la serie más irreverente de lecturas de poesías de “downtown” Nueva York, nació en junio de 2008, en la barra legendaria Nowhere en la 14ta calle del East Village de Nueva York. Luchando contra el aburguesamiento que ha devastado la “escena subterráneo” de Nueva York, esta creación de escritor/activista literario Charlie Vázquez, ha tenido éxito donde otras series no tienen: uniendo a los escritores diversos de diversas disciplinas (spoken word, ficción, poesía tradicional, y “performance art”) debajo de un tema mensual.

Featuring/Destacando: Lee Houck, Orlando Ferrand, Jimmy Lam, Nyna, Cristy C. Road, Karen Jaime, Dan Lopez, Roy Pérez, Robert Vazquez-Pacheco, Alicia Anabel Santos, Charlie Vázquez, Tomas R. Montalvo, Nathan James, Yazmín Peña, Nívea Castro, Chadwick Moore, Dario Dalla Lasta, Claudia Narváez-Meza, Aaron Powell, Roberto Santiago, Carlos Manuel Rivera, Maegan Ortiz, Sam J. Miller, Larry La Fountain-Stokes, J Skye Cabrera, Pietro Scorsone, Tod Crouch, Charles Rice-González, Rosalind Lloyd, David Huberman, Gabrielle Rivera, and Miguel Angeles.

You can purchase the compilation at Amazon.com.

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