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Squeeze Pants: Tight and Titillating Homo Sex Stories by Dario Dalla Lasta


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The tight and titillating homo sex stories crammed into Squeeze Pants promise a wild ride from beginning to end. Dario Dalla Lasta, the new master of dirty storytelling, brings you six lively, inventive, and daring tales about men desiring other men. From a sexy, dark-eyed nurse who would do anything to help his patient heal, to a skinhead who pushes his admirer to show him what he’s got, to a sweaty and kinky encounter under campus bleachers, to an office hookup destined to happen, to a haunted threesome, and, finally, to a dark, violent night with an unexpected twist that will stay with you forever, each of the linked stories in Squeeze Pants offers queer literary porn at its finest. The worlds built and characters created—think big, think dark, and think thirsty for wild, pulsing romps—are tangible, distinct, and ready to spark your erotic imagination.

Advance praise for Squeeze Pants :

“For those who are fans of hot, gay male stories, you’ll be delighted to hear that Dario Dalla Lasta’s Squeeze Pants will be released on Wednesday, December 10th, and you can pre-order it now on AmazonAs sexy as it is literary, this collection is by turns sizzling, tender, humorous, and dark. No holds barred in this one, folks. Dalla Lasta is as riotous as he is artful. We’re thrilled to publish this edgy, super-talented author. Enjoy!”

-Go Deeper Press, publishers extraordinaire

Squeeze Pants is an exuberant, cock-driven, testosterone-drenched festival of filth that I guarantee won’t leave your sticky little fingers until you’re well and truly done! From heaven-sent nurse Jesus with his warm soapy sponge, to punk-as-funk skinhead Skiv, to a sexy bartender with a Southern twang and tightly-packed package, all of Dalla Lasta’s protagonists simply crackle with pent-up lust and burning man-hunger. If you like your porn well-written and your heat levels cranked up to the max, you’re gonna love Squeeze Pants!”

-Tamsin Flowers, author of Alchemy xii 

“The fulcrum for the stories are a razor’s edge of desire. Applying slow, exquisite pressure, Dalla Lasta slices through his scenarios with precision, extracting fluids that are heady, carnal, and sometimes dangerous, but always uniquely satisfying. You’ll want to keep a cigarette handy for the comedown.”

-Natty Soltesz, author of Brojobs

“Dario Dalla Lasta is a WRITER. He creates stories that are eloquent, witty, and drenched with hot, dirty sex. The six stories contained in this volume are so provocative, so filthy, and so ridiculously well-written, I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite.”

-Oleander Plume, editor of Chemical [se]X

Here’s what my publisher, Go Deeper Press had to say about the book:

Dario Dalla Lasta’s Squeeze Pants is, for starters, awesome. Secondly, it’s available in both paper and digital formats on Amazon. Thirdly, you should probably go get it now. I mean, yes, you could interpret that as really, really pushy direct marketing, or you can see it for what it is: a publisher truly in love with the work it publishes. What else? Oh, Dario is pretty much everywhere right now, breaking the hearts of those of us who enjoy their M/M erotica on the really graphic side.

They also offered up some free excerpts:
1. Squeeze Pants
2. Skinhead on the Subway
3. Marble Sentinels

On December 23, 2014, I made a guest appearance on F. Leonora Solomon’s blog.

-Ms. Solomon said “Dario’s erotica is sexy, fun and filled with a lot of emotion.”

On January 6, 2015, I made a guest appearance on Oleander Plume’s blogpoison pen/dirty mind.

Besides an interview with yours truly, Oleander reviewed Squeeze Pants. Here is a brief snippet of what she had to say:

“I give Squeeze Pants 5 stars, a big sloppy wet kiss, two hard nipples up and a heat rating of “Honey, I finished the book. You. Bed. Now.”

More reviews for Squeeze Pants:

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On January 13, 2015, I held my book release party for Squeeze Pants at This ‘N That in Brooklyn!

And it was fabulous. Take a look:

book signingCheck out this guerilla marketing for “Squeeze Pants” on the streets of Brooklyn:

9-13-15 Taylor w Squeeze Pants sticker

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