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“Dario is a master of language, and can paint the prettiest pictures of boys having it off.”
– Jacob Louder, Go Deeper Press 

“Dario Dalla Lasta is a fucking genius, as far as I’m concerned.”
– Oleander Plume, poison pen/dirty mind

My words have appeared in the following publications:

Squeeze Pants: Tight and Titillating Homo Sex Stories (released 12/10/2014) – click HERE to learn more.

Chemical [se]X edited by Oleander Plume (released 11/13/2014) – click HERE to learn more.

Alternative Fucks – Rebel Erotica For All

The amazing publishers at Go Deeper Press released an erotic LGBTQ anthology on February 18, 2017 entitled Alternative Fucks which directly benefits the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). All proceeds from the collection will go toward these brave fighters of our basic rights, which the Trump administration seems to be attacking from every angle. You’ll find new works from Oleander PlumeMalin James, Natty Soltesz, and stories previously published by Go Deeper Press authors such as Xan West, Benji Bright, Jacob Louder, and yours truly. If you actually give a fuck, then grab a copy from the GDP website today for only $10!

Also, check out the Rolling Stone story here entitled “Trump Erotica: How Smut Is Getting Political Again” (published May 4, 2017) which not only mentions Alternative Fucks, but interviews our stellar editors and publishers, Jacob Louder and Lana Fox! One more reason to be super fucking proud of this anthology.

Off The Rocks: An Anthology of GLBT Writing Vol. 20

On January 3, 2017, Newtown Writers Press published Volume 20 of Off the Rocks: An Anthology of GLBT Writing, and my non-fiction piece “Pippin ’82: Finding My Corner of the Sky” is included in this issue devoted solely to Coming Out on Stage. In my essay, I wryly comment on auditioning to songs by Debby Boone (a Christian goody-two-shoes with feathered hair) and Rick James (a sleazy Jheri-curled badass) for my high school production of Pippin in 1982. The show affected me profoundly in many ways; so much so that I am now a card-carrying member of the Screen Actors Guild who can boast of having a modeling agent and manager 35 years after my inauspicious stage debut. Life truly is strange and surprising. This nearly 300-page anthology is fit for any drama queen and can be found for purchase here.  As a cute aside, I was also lucky enough to be published in Volume 16 of this queer anthology as well (see below). And … scene!

Moonshine_EditionThe Round Up Writer’s Zine: Moonshine Edition

My 5-sentence story “White Wine Wedding and the DJ Blues” appears in the special “Moonshine Edition” of this darkly humorous anthology which chronicles some hilarious and embarrassing drunken moments, all told in five sentences or less!

You can download it here from their website as of November 5, 2013.


ImageOutWrite, Volume 2: “I Do?!”

My non-fiction essay “Body of Art” was published September 1, 2013 in the above referenced literary magazine, “a print-on-demand celebration of LGBTQI writing,” as a companion piece to the ImageArt exhibition “I Do?!” and the ImageOut Film Festival in Rochester, NY from October 11-20, 2013. In this special second volume of ImageOutWrite, twelve contemporary writers examine the topic of marriage equality and LGBTQ themes. For my essay, I wrote about my two marriages (the first to a woman, the current one to a man) as they relate to my collection of TATTOOS from the past 20+ years. 

This cool anthology can be found on Amazon or on the publisher’s site (for less $).

Huddle: Sex With Sporty Queers – Volume 1 Boys Varsity (released August 5, 2013) – click HERE to learn more.

The Force Of Destiny

An operatic novel of finding true love amidst time-travelers and non-stop erections in New York City COMING SOON:

The day starts out normally enough for NYC bookstore employee Adrian Gibbons. He’s hung over, spilling coffee, and checking out guys on the subway as usual. But then a chance encounter with a handsome stranger in the 42nd Street subway station leads Adrian into a world beyond his wildest dreams. He’s just met his boyfriend from the future, a future consisting of sexually charged super-beings called Galactic Travelers out to form a twisted new world order. “The Force of Destiny” is a decidedly weird adventure that spins with centrifugal force around a kooky best girlfriend named Destiny, Broadway show tunes, a hotel room that blasts off into outer space, a cursed Verdi opera, a key that unlocks a grisly discovery, and hot man-on-man action. Along the way, Adrian discovers that his destiny is a bit more complicated—and forceful—than he ever expected.

In 2010, I applied to and was admitted to the Writers’ Retreat for Emerging LGBT Voices with the Lambda Literary Foundation (LLF). That one-week workshop at American Jewish University in L.A. was a true eye-opener. Not only did I receive some much needed constructive criticism, but I found a mentor in Nicola Griffith and made some dear friends for life. As a direct result of the retreat, I ended up finishing my second novel The Force of Destiny which was to be published by Rebel Satori Press in 2013. However, that collaboration never came to fruition and the rights reverted back to me after two years. Now it looks as though this work may finally see the light of day thanks to Go Deeper Press’ new imprint Bent.

Here’s the reading I gave on the last night of the Retreat (August 13, 2010). The book has changed a lot since then, I’m happy to say, but you get the gist.

As a postscript, LLF posted a brief paragraph I wrote about my experience on their website here. Please support this worthwhile organization at www.lambdaliterary.org.

Off_the_Rocks-thumbnailOff the Rocks: An Anthology of GLBT Writing, Vol. 16
Another personal essay entitled “Livin’ On A Prayer” (my own take on the “It Gets Better” campaign phenomenon as told from my perspective growing up gay in Sacramento during the 1970s-80s) was published September 2, 2012 by NewTown Writers Chicago and edited by Allison Fradkin.

This anthology may be purchased here.

The Three Red Lines by Dario Dalla Lasta – published by Lulu.com 2009 – click HERE to learn more.

Bios and Press Releases:
Here is a sampling of bios and a press release I’ve composed on behalf of my super-talented friends in New York.

Leslie Van Stelten, photographer Originally hailing from Denver, Colorado, Leslie Van Stelten is one of those transplants to the Big Apple who has rooted herself into the cracked pavements and graffiti-covered buildings of Brooklyn like a glorious weed that can’t help but grow and flourish in such a steely environment. She’s a photographer and photo illustrator of exceptional talents whose work appears regularly on CD packages for bands and musicians, in local publications such as The Village Voice and Go Magazine, and prestigious design and publicity projects. But her heart and soul explode into action when capturing the denizens of the NYC underground scene like no one else – from the unique subjects to the stunning lighting to the exaggerated reality she portrays, Leslie’s work evokes a visceral feeling in the viewer that’s hard to shake. And impossible to forget. She has exhibited her striking work in galleries all over New York City and is pleased to be presenting at Sugarland. For a look at more of Leslie’s work, please go to www.leslievanstelten.com.

Leslie Van Stelten, DJ Originating from the spit-soaked ashes of Led Zeppelin and Van Halen, DJ Lezz Van Halen is one of the most sought-after lesbian DJs in New York City and Brooklyn. Bridging all musical styles, the ferocious Lezz bashes you over the head with the most current dance tracks around until she throws you into a throbbing 80s tailspin to blow your mind before bringing you back again. Spontaneity and unpredictability are the nature of the beast for this tattooed rocker chick. Her legendary parties include a years-long residency at “Choice Cunts,” in addition to the fabulous girl party “Stiletto,” and she has worked alongside such notables as Princess Superstar and DJ Sveta. For booking and contact information, please go to www.leslievanstelten.com.

Fiona Silver, musician A native New Yorker, singer/songwriter Fiona Silver was born in Brooklyn and raised in the East Village, and the teeming, gritty metropolis bleeds into everything she does. Her sultry voice is like that of a jazz chanteuse from another time, regaling you with bittersweet tales in a smoky speakeasy, combined with a street-smart attitude and a take-no-prisoners punk ethic. The result is an astounding mix of cool, laid-back grooves, stellar musicianship, and a musical maturity far beyond her years. Fiona’s haunting songs and passionate delivery will transport you to a place as unpredictable and exciting as the Big Apple itself.  www.fionasilver.com

Hot Mess press release “Hot Mess” at teneleven bar (171 Avenue C between 10th and 11th Streets) is a monthly collaboration between two deejays from two different cities with different lifestyle choices and musical styles. The night was founded by DJ Tedward Offensive Jacobs of New Hope, PA to foster a night where two friends could have the freedom to play any music they wanted regardless of a specific theme or party. Normally a DJ for queer parties only, Dario Speedwagon of Brooklyn, NY was down with the concept as well.

What naturally followed was a celebration of obscure tunes, an invigoration of professional and personal amaraderie, and a no-holds-barred dance party in the back room of a small, local bar in Alphabet City. Friends of each DJ come once a month to show their support and typically stay way past their bedtimes, closing down the bar at 4am in a convivial atmosphere of pure joy and absolute acceptance. In bringing together such disparate voices in the DJ community, Ted and Dario have consistently brought people together of all ages, sexes, proclivities, tastes, lifestyles, and pairings unparalleled in the current climate of NYC nightlife. To see it is to believe it.

Ably assisted by Leslie Van Stelten behind the bar (herself a DJ and nightlife legend), all three members of the “Hot Mess” posse exude positive forces that collide to bring you a truly original night of music and mayhem. Feel free to bring your office co-worker, Mom and Dad, blind date, drinking buddy, younger sibling, older gay Uncle, and secret lover.  All are welcome!

I also write reviews:

First – By Jacob Louder:

Teenagers have sex.

Sure, we all know that, but not everyone taps into the intricacies of this sensitive—and downright sensual—material until now.

A stunning debut by the fearless Jacob Louder, “First” hits the erotica scene with a startlingly original voice that displays an unusual freedom in expressing sexual beginnings. The tale of teenage Nico’s introduction to the sexual side of both boys and girls has all the trappings of a good read: plausible and realistic characters; a defined and specific place and time; deliciously descriptive sex; and a bold and unapologetic voice. Not to mention that it starts with my two favorite words in the English language: “My cock….”

The writing is fierce and exquisite, capturing a teenager’s achingly true voice while serving up sets of piping hot sex that left me breathless. The sexual fluidity of all the characters is remarkably fresh and treated as completely normal with no guilt, name-calling or annoying navel-gazing. Everything is fair game here. No apologies or excuses are necessary for the defiant and deviant behavior of this precocious fourteen-year-old embarking on a journey of sexual discovery in every way, shape and form. In this brave new world of firsts, Nico dabbles in sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll (or, rather, Morrissey). In the end, he gets the girls, the guys, and the boy.

Jacob Louder is a new force to be reckoned with and I cannot wait to see what comes next from this talented author. For an honest, raw, and unflinching take on the carnal awakening of a remarkable teenager, look no further than “First.” I didn’t want it to end. In fact, I’m hungry for more—who wants Seconds and Thirds besides me?

Black Widow (CD) by Patti Rothberg, review on Amazon.com:

Released last Halloween (10.31.13) but recently discovered by me, this piano-based album is somewhat of a departure for the singer/songwriter. Everything that Patti normally rocks is still there: the famous wit, the wry humor, the heart-on-her-sleeve confessions, the incomparable vocals and, of course, the gnarly guitar playing. This time though, the piano plays second fiddle in several of the songs, creating a different feel on her fifth studio album, one that jibes expertly with the crisp yet minimal production. As always, I’m blown away. This chanteuse never lets me down in any regard, and I couldn’t be more proud to know her as a friend.If you don’t know her yet, give her a listen. You’ll be obsessed too.

Dirty Little Numbersan erotic anthology from Go Deeper Press:

What a concept! Only the daring and innovative Go Deeper Press has the balls (ahem) to produce a strikingly original anthology consisting of erotic flash fiction of 500 words or less. Talk about getting to the meat of the story. These stories hit hard and fast below the belt, right where you want ‘em to.

And boy, do these tasty little morsels go down easily, well-lubricated as they are with pithy bon mots and bite-sized teasers. The length is exquisite, allowing the writers to examine a time, place, person, c*ck, and c*nt in the briefest yet most descriptive terms imaginable. The variety of moments are enough to stir anyone’s loins, no matter which way one’s sexual proclivities bend. Fetishism abounds in a variety of healthy choices, sort of like a smorgasbord of devilish delights. No matter what you’re into, you’ll find your craving satisfied. Boundaries are breached and orgasms are reached.

What’s fun about this idea is the reader can enjoy short spurts of sexual heat, if one wants to read just one or two flash fictions at a time or, on the opposite side of the spectrum, one can read through the entire book at one pants-wetting sitting if one has a larger appetite for such extended carnal pleasures. The delectable choice is yours.

Who knew that 500 words or less could whip my libido into overdrive? Go Deeper Press did, those rascals. If you don’t believe me, believe the slick spot left on my boxers after reading these shorts. In fact, my blue balls are blushing just thinking about it…

Forgetting the Girl  (DVD) – June 4, 2013

“Forgetting the Girl” is one of those movies that sticks with you long after the credits roll. Not an easy feat, but one that I consider essential for a film in order to remember it, discuss it to death, and even dream about it. Yes, I dreamt about this movie long after I saw it, the visceral images and suspenseful storyline lingering in my mind many a night. Kudos to director Nate Taylor and writer Peter Moore Smith for fashioning a totally original story in this day and age of cookie-cutter flicks.

The film starts out as a slightly rom-com look at the life of a New York-based headshot photographer named Kevin (played by the eerie Christopher Denham in a remarkable tour-de-force). Always searching for the perfect girl, perhaps one to take the place of his sister, Kevin asks every photography subject out on a date to mostly awkward results. His lovelorn assistant Jamie, a tough-looking goth girl with her own serious issues portrayed by the extraordinary Lindsay Beamish with a perpetual wounded look in her eyes, will do anything to make Kevin her own, even though she doesn’t seem to exist in his eyes. All that changes when one of Kevin’s dates goes missing. What follows is a labyrinth of twists and turns that slowly turn into something more powerful and psychologically disturbing than one would expect. In fact, it left me breathless. To give any more plot points away would be a crime, but you can call me guilty of loving this movie.

“Forgetting the Girl” is one of those singular movies that challenges the viewer to give up all expectations of the norm, forcing one to dive headfirst into the mind of a very complex character. I, for one, was swept away.

You can read more of my reviews by clicking HERE.



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