Dario Dalla Lasta

Artists During Covid19

Honored to have been captured by Giles Clement Photography for his “Artists during Covid19” series on his website. Check it out: www.gilesclement.com/covid.

“As a writer, mostly of gay erotic fiction, it seems foolhardy to even think about strangers having sex, let alone write about it. I mean, we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, and while reading erotica might just fit the bill for some (especially those boys sheltering in place all by their lonesome), writing during this unsettling time about sexy encounters feels both irresponsible and impossible. In fact, I’m having a difficult time even sitting down to write in the first place; my mind just can’t wrap itself around this ‘new normal.’

Plus, it doesn’t help that I’m still working full-time from home for my job which has turned into 12-hour days, leaving me no time to let the creative juices flow. I’m bummed – now would be the perfect time to tackle that autobiography I’ve always wanted to write!

And yet, I’m not complaining; my husband Michael is a nurse, a true essential worker, and never once does he bitch and moan about his job or the myriad of trivial things that consume me on a daily basis. I’m so grateful to him and all the doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals dealing with this nightmare every day. And I’m also grateful for our dog @emiliothepapillon too. He’s a lifesaver.” #artistsduringcovid19 #gilesclementphotography #photoshoot #writer #erotica #beardedgaysofinstagram #beardlife #beardsandtattoos #baldandbearded

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