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“A Gleeful Encounter”

“A Gleeful Encounter”

First of all, thanks to the lovely Oleander Plume, I actually felt inspired to write something new. This little piece comes courtesy of her “Pick a prompt, any prompt” story contest (contest here). All one does is pick a prompt from a really funny list and then proceed to write an erotic story of approximately 500-1,500 words. Here is the prompt I chose: “a middle-aged writer seduces a celebrity.” The winner gets lots of prizes, so wish me luck!

A Gleeful Encounter

**Why is my story whittled down to an excerpt? Well, that’s because it’s going to be featured in an anthology, edited by Oleander Plume and F. Leonora Solomon, entitled Prompted: 26 Tales of Inspired Erotica! I’m beyond thrilled to be included. While the release date hasn’t been set yet, check out the gorgeous cover below and read what Oleander has to say about it here.**

Prompted Anthology

Prompted Anthology

Laughing, I shrug my shoulders. “I can’t help it, you’ve taken me by surprise and I’m obviously, and quite uncontrollably, turned on.”

“Good.” He shifts his weight from one foot to the other, and the tip of his penis shifts behind the thin plaid material. All I can think about is sucking him off. I need to focus or this is going to turn into a full-on seduction. If that happens, I can kiss my story goodbye.

“Your performance was transcendent,” I start, attempting to turn my attention away from his sculpted body. “And your voice is—” I stop before saying “stronger,” not wanting to make the pun by repeating the title of the tune he just sang. I swallow with a loud click and lick my lips. He is making me a nervous wreck. “Needless to say, I was—pardon the pun—blown away.” Well, there you have it. I just blew it and used a dumb pun anyway. He’ll never let me continue the interview now! Is this still an interview? I’m confused until I see that gorgeous grin make another appearance through his full beard and my hopes begin to rise.

“Then blow away, buddy,” he whispers, inching closer to me, his growing dick bobbing about and threatening to poke through the fly of his boxers. I peer up at him and he nods. I’m still sitting in a fold-up chair in his dressing room, so I’m at the perfect height for the perfect blowjob. Slowly, I slide my hands up through his chest fur, tweaking the pink nipples which harden under my touch.

“You are so sexy,” he says to me. “I love older guys with salt and pepper beards.” I pinch a nipple. “Ow! I meant that as a compliment.”

“And I mean this as a compliment,” I reply, coaxing his erection into my mouth. He’s got a lovely cock, and the smooth shaft fits perfectly in my mouth. He tastes of sweat and smells of musk, a scent I’m always on the hunt for.

He groans. “Yes, that’s it. Suck me, sir!”


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