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‘Twas the Week Before Christmas..

‘Twas the Week Before Christmas…


…and I’m getting a cold.  What perfect timing considering that we are leaving in a few days for our honeymoon in Isla Mujeres, Mexico!  Grrr.  I better be better by then.  At least I had a fabulous few days before the sickness took over, starting with…

Thursday, December 8, 2011 aka the arrival of Wendy Heller and her son Logan Silver
I love me some Wendy Heller.  Ever since I met her back when she was still in college and going to law school, I knew we’d be friends.  She was the youngest daughter of my William Morris Agency boss Rob Heller, and while we always giggled and got along when she came to the office, little did I know what a big part of my life she would become.  After I moved to NYC, Wendy moved here briefly for a job as well – and while we hung out a few times, things really heated up once she moved back to Cali.  For when she came back to visit NYC, we were ready to reconnect.  Hardcore.  During that time away, she got married to Brett Silver, bore two gorgeous children (Logan and Olivia), and now when she comes to visit from Beverly Hills, we are TIGHT.  And her and Michael?  Female/male versions of the same person.  It’s uncanny.  And hilarious.

Anyway, Wendy flew in on Thursday night with her 4-year-old son Logan, and I met them at Tremont in the West Village for dinner, along with Wendy’s New York bestie David Evangelista.  Check out his website at davidevangelistabeauty.com.  He’s famous!  Wendy ordered up tons of bizarro-yet-supposedly-fancy food, wine and martinis, so it was a feast.  Logan was a bit antsy so when we were done, we all hopped in a cab to see Michael at La Palapa in the East Village.  My poor boo had to work, but he sat us at a table at the front window, Logan got crayons and a chocolate brownie, and the adults had several drinks apiece while visiting.  So perfect, although I wish Michael had been able to sit with us and chat with Wendy. 🙂  But look how much fun Logan and I had…


Could you just die over the cuteness?!  I couldn’t help but fall in love with that little guy.  And he even sang “New York, New York” for us!

Saturday, December 10, 2011 was the third “Hot Mess” party at teneleven bar with me and DJ Tedward Offensive spinning, Leslie Van Stelten slinging drinks, and Michael just being Michael.  Ted’s flyer cracked me up…


How spot on is that?

Anyway, the night was a rousing success – if you judge success by everyone having a blast and dancing in the back room with the fog machine roaring and sputtering.  I certainly do.  Kimberly and Ken were there, Vicki stopped by for a bit, the triumvirate of Anisha, Erik, and Branko showed up, Fanya Engler celebrated her birthday there (and brought along a huge group of ladies from her capoeira class, who all danced in a big circle), Dave McKenna flopped around, Frank held court, and Susan even came by with her father Conrad (who’s visiting from Fargo, ND).  Biggest surprise?  LGBT author Frank Anthony Polito (“Band Fags” and “Drama Queens”) who dropped by with his friend Andrew.  They not only stayed for quite awhile, but they danced their butts off too.  By the way, I met him when he was doing a reading and signing at Border’s, so I was ecstatic to see him there.


See, he’s famous too!

On Sunday, December 11, 2011, which was supposed to be a day of rest, turned into a day of debauchery.  Michael was up and wanting to brunch, so we got ahold of Jane Minehan and off we all went to Lovin’ Cup and the (in)famous “Drunk Brunch” special.  We sat at the bar and howled in between bites of Sweet Jane Scramble.  Once Jane left, Michael and I hit the streets of Williamsburg – first stop, Nitehawk Cinema.  We were in luck as Amy was working.  Even with her back turned to us at the register, she knew it was us when we walked in singing whatever Madonna song was playing in the joint.  Hah!  She gave us tequila shots and we talked intimately about her girlfriend and their current issues.  She is FIERCE.  After that, we moseyed along Metropolitan Avenue until we hit Roebling Tea Room where we found Joe Shep (who had just finished his shift behind the bar) hanging out with Lily Sickles and Twiz.  We convinced them all to go to the Met bar where they met us a short while later.  Donavon Lowe was there – of course – and I snapped a photo of him and Michael at the brand-new coat check.


“No more wire hangers!  EVER!”

We picked up tons of free porn magazines at the bar, and I got to fully check in with Joe Shep on everything he’s been doing since he moved back to Brooklyn from Vermont.  It was amazing.  After that?  We needed sustenance, so we walked back home and stopped off at Red Bowl on Bedford for some to-go food.  Besides getting that, we got accosted by the owner David who plunked down a glass of white wine for us while we waited, and then proceeded to tell embarrassing stories about his wife Vivian, who was sitting at the next table and no doubt denying everything too.  They are seriously like a comedy team, back and forth, those two.  That was the first time we met Vivian, and she was adorable and funny.   We barely had time to slurp some soup down at home before we had to hit the hay and start the week off with a hangover.  Oh yeah, and a cold too, don’t forget that…

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