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The First Days of December

The First Days of December

December 2011 started off with a bang, especially with our DJ night of “Divine Decadence” at Metropolitan Bar on Friday, December 2nd, which should now be billed as featuring the “World’s First and Only Husband-DJ team”…  Right?  This was our last one before our 2-year anniversary next month.  And here’s a lovely shot of Divine in honor of the name of our party (even though it is actually derived from the name of Liza Minelli’s nail polish hue in “Cabaret”):

divineWerk it, girl.  She is simply Divine.

Anyway, I think one of the highlights of the night was seeing Michael and Krystal in Lady Gaga shirts.  This was literally the night after Lady Gaga debuted her 13-minute video opus of “Marry the Night,” a complex amalgamation of psychiatric hospitals, artistic rejection, Honey Nut Cheerios, TransAms on fire, the text “The Cross is my Anchor” in backwards script, a bedazzler, jazz dance class, and big hats.  Kinda genius.

michael and krystalAnd since Krystal’s nickname is “Hair” (which is the name of a Gaga song from “Born This Way”), it’s only fitting that she’s wearing the Lady’s likeness on her chest.

The night ended with us bringing home the lil barback Erwin from the Metropolitan (with his friend Kurt) and partying like rock stars until the wee hours of the night…or should I say, morning.  What would you call 7:00am?  Chavez didn’t love Erwin, but Erwin loved the stuffed unicorn without a horn, as you can see…

michael and erwinI don’t know how, but Michael was up and studying all morning long while I frantically held onto my beauty sleep for as long as possible.  These old bones just don’t bounce back like they used to.  What got me out of bed was the promise of seeing our friend Fiona for a late brunch at Matchless, so I forced myself up out of bed, and Michael and I slipped on our Fred Perry shirts for a day at our favorite rock ‘n roll joint.

dario and michaelAnd what do you know – right across the street was a lot selling Christmas trees that boasted a cut-out cardboard Christmas scene.  So upon Michael’s proclamation of “I need a drink, a smoke, and a photo taken,” we took care of all three and got this lovely picture of Frosty and his trusted elf:

doyouwannabuildasnowmanHO HO HO, indeed.

That evening, we had a lovely visit with Camille at Club Chavez where we got all caught up on our latest doings and she painted our nails gold.  Shimmery gold.  Just one coat though.  After a bit, we called our friend and neighbor Jane Minehan to come over to join us, and when Camille left to go home, we took Jane with us to the city to our friend Katie Hendricksen’s panda birthday party at teneleven bar on Avenue C.  We decided to give model-y faces while waiting on the subway platform for the L train to arrive:

bedford aveDid we succeed?

And yes, Michael is wearing a wig and hat combo.  See why I married him?  The bar was a blast, and we slaked our thirsts with PBRs and souza shots.  Once our favorite bartender Leslie Van Stelten turned on the disco light in the back room, we quickly started up a dance party.  What a surprise.  In fact, Jane and Michael went so far as to dance on the stage for a few tunes, with Jane even getting two $1 bills shoved down the front of her jeans!  She also gave me jazz hands at one point:

jazz handsJ’adore jazz hands.

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